Industrial Stormwater General Permit for Non-Extractive Industries (COR900000)

In order to protect Colorado waters from pollutants in stormwater runoff, the division requires operators of certain industrial facilities to obtain permit coverage for actual or potential discharges of stormwater. Required coverage is determined primarily by an industries’ SIC code, or in a few cases, an industry description. The COR900000 permit requires facilities to implement a stormwater management plan, implement specific stormwater control measures, also known as best management practices, perform inspections and monitor pollutants in their discharge. Permittees must also evaluate the effectiveness of their stormwater management plan and control measures by comparing stormwater monitoring data to benchmark concentrations of certain pollutants.  


​No Exposure Exclusion from CDPS Storm Water Permitting

"No Exposure" is an alternative to obtaining coverage under the COR900000 permit. In this context, "No Exposure" means that storm-resistant sheltering is in place to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snowmelt and/or runoff. To be eligible for this exclusion, you must apply for and obtain division approval through the issuance of a certification. Part G of the application contains a self-certifying checklist for you to assess whether your facility meets conditions of "No Exposure." 


How to get involved

Permit renewal stakeholder process

The renewal of the COR9000000 general permit to discharge stormwater associated with Non-Extractive Industrial Activity is in progress. We would like your participation in the renewal process. Please sign-up for email notifications to stay informed about updates, meetings, and other information related to the renewal process.

The permit renewal process is expected to take place near the end of 2021 or early 2022. Check back here for updates.

Meeting materials

All available meeting materials (including previous meetings) can be found in this public google drive folder


For information related to the COR900000 permit renewal process or questions, contact Mary Welch by phone at 303-692-3428 or by email at