X-ray service companies, qualified inspectors, and qualified experts

For companies or individuals who are, or wish to become, a registered service company, registered qualified expert (QE), registered qualified inspector (QI), or a registered medical physicist (RMP). RMPs are a special category of qualified inspector. 

Forms for registration and renewal

If you are an x-ray facility or registrant seeking services from a registered service company, qualified expert, qualified inspector, or registered medical physicist, please visit the x-ray machine facilities page to find a service provider.
The following companies or individuals must be registered with the x-ray certification unit:
  • Service companies that sell, install, or repair x-ray machines.
  • Qualified experts that perform shielding analysis and other activities.
  • Registered medical physicists.
  • Qualified inspectors that perform certification inspections on new and existing x-ray machines.

Service company registration

Qualified expert registration

Qualified inspector registration

Registered medical physicist registration

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