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Water Quality Control Commission public participation

Public Participation Handbook 

Summary of the rulemaking process

Submitting external proposals

Triennial review hearings for Regulations 31-38:

  • Section 25-8-202(f) of the State Water Quality Control Act requires us to review control regulations and water quality classifications and standards at least once every three years.
  • Our current practice is to conduct triennial reviews by holding an informal "informational hearing" to solicit comments about whether particular regulations should be retained, repealed or revised.
    • If, as a result of the informational hearing, we decide changes should be formally considered, a rulemaking hearing is scheduled for that purpose.
    • The  process is explained further with the following handouts. Note the examples are from years past, but they can give you a good idea of the process:

Other options for providing input

  • Under C.R.S. 25-8-202(3), the State Water Quality Control Act provides that we "shall hold a public hearing during the month of October of each year in order to hear public comment on water pollution problems within the state."
    • This hearing is typically held on the first day of our regular October meeting.
    • Although this formal opportunity for public input is scheduled annually, we welcome public input about Colorado water quality issues at any time.
    • Contact Jeremy Neustifter, commission administrator, at 303-692-3478 to discuss options for bringing issues to our attention.

Commission Policy 98-2: A Guide to Colorado Programs for Water Quality Management and Safe Drinking Water