Participate in Board of Health

The Board of Health encourages and welcomes public participation.

Contact the board

Send written correspondence to or by U.S.mail. Please note that individual board member contact information will not be provided.

Providing feedback in advance of the meeting

It is recommended that Coloradans provide feedback in writing. Please submit written comments or testimony by the first day of the month. This allows the board to research concerns and prepare for the meeting. Though early submission is encouraged, the board will accept written comments or testimony submitted until five days before the meeting.All written comments and testimony are part of the public record and will be posted on the Board of Health website and made available to members of the board.Please identify the title of the proposed rule in your email subject line when submitting feedback on proposed changes. Please include your name, address and phone number in all written correspondence.

Attending meetings

You are welcome to attend and observe the board meeting even if you do not wish to provide feedback. We also usually offer the option to listen to the meeting via a conference call line. This is a shared line for all participants, if any person on the phone is disruptive, the call may be terminated.

Providing feedback at the meeting

Usually, there are a few minutes at the start of the board meeting for people to comment on public health topics. This is identified on the agenda as the “public comment” period. The board does not accept public comments on any agenda items or any rule that is set for a rulemaking hearing.
No testimony is taken at a request for rulemaking hearing.There is an opportunity to provide oral testimony during a rulemaking hearing. The opportunity to speak is often limited to two-five minutes. Depending upon the number of people that sign-up, everyone may not be provided an opportunity to speak. Because time is limited, we encourage people to submit written comments and testimony. All feedback provided at the meeting is part of the public record.

To provide feedback at the meeting

  • Sign up to speak upon arrival to the meeting and include your full name, address and telephone number
  • Sign-in sheets are in the meeting room.
    • ​There are two types of sign-in sheets:
      • For public testimony regarding matters on the agenda
        • There will be different sign in sheets for different agenda items where testimony is permitted.
      • For public comments on matters not on the agenda
  • If called to speak, take a seat at the witness table and adjust the microphone.
  • State your name and who you represent and then provide your opinion.

Additional Tips

  • Please prepare. Do not read your remarks, use them as an outline.
  • Groups are encouraged to use one spokesperson.
  • Please do not repeat points made by previous speakers. Instead, indicate your agreement or disagreement with those points.
  • The Board limits duplicative or repetitive testimony.
  • Board members may ask questions to gather additional information or clarify your feedback.