Health eMoms 2019 Survey Data

Description of data

Data collection for the 2019 birth cohort began in April of 2019 with January 2019 births. Of the 2,400 postpartum people who gave birth in 2019 who were invited to join Health eMoms, 1,067 (46%) enrolled and completed Survey 1.1. Of these participants, 861 (79%) of those still living in Colorado at the time of survey continued on to take Survey 1.2 between 12 and 14 months postpartum. These survey responses are weighted to represent the full eligible Colorado birth population in 2019. The majority of data collection on Survey 1.2 for the 2019 birth cohort occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and results must be interpreted in that context. 

Survey 1.1

Survey 1.2

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