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What moms need to know when joining Health eMoms

Amplifying the voices of Colorado moms

Health eMoms was a program from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that listened to real experiences from real birthing parents across Colorado to better support moms and babies. From 2018-2021, Health eMoms invited 2,400 people who are postpartum in Colorado to join the survey program and share their opinions and experiences during the first few years of their babies’ lives.

Postpartum people who joined Health eMoms received 1-2 brief online surveys on a variety of health and social topics each year starting shortly after they gave birth and continuing up until their child’s third birthday. Participants received electronic gift cards for each completed survey.

In 2021, CDPHE had to sunset Health eMoms due to funding instability. However, due to the proven usefulness of the Health eMoms data and the support of partners who had become reliant on them, CDPHE was charged with reviving the system under HB 22-1289. The new version of the Health eMoms program is the Colorado Baby & You Survey.

Impacting issues that matter to moms

The purpose of Health eMoms was to gain a better understanding of the experiences of those who are postpartum and their babies so we could develop and improve programs and policies that support birthing people, children and families in Colorado.

Health eMoms asked participants about:

  • How they feel physically and emotionally after having their baby.
  • Their opinions on taking leave from work, childhood vaccinations, and other important decisions.
  • Their experiences with doctors and other health care workers during and after pregnancy.
  • Their family’s access to health care, health services and other resources that they need to be happy and healthy.
  • And much more!

Participants’ survey responses were confidential and are grouped with responses from other postpartum people.


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Health Statistics and Evaluation Branch
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
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