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National Interest Waiver program

The National Interest Waiver program allows professionals of exceptional ability to request a waiver of the U.S. immigration labor certification requirements, based on a letter of recommendation from a state health department.

Request a waiver

Once an application has been submitted, notify Em Moratto at


Physicians must:
  • Practice full time in an underserved area for 5 years.
    • Up to 3 years spent in H1-B status to fulfill J-1 visa waiver requirements may be counted toward the five-year term.
  • Practice in the public interest.
  • Submit a complete application with payment.
There is a modified application process if you’re already completing a J-1 visa waiver obligation in Colorado. Contact Em Moratto at for details.

About the program

  • National Interest Waivers are an effective way for foreign physicians to obtain permanent residency status in the U.S.
  • There is no limit to the number of recommendations a state can make each year.