Colorado Health Service Corps reporting

Semiannual report

The semiannual report helps the Primary Care Office monitor compliance with contract requirements and evaluate the program's effectiveness in increasing provider capacity in Health Professional Shortage Areas. All current participants must submit a semiannual report at six-month intervals and when completing the program.

Direct patient care is a medically necessary or preventive medical, dental, mental health, or behavioral health visit. The visit must be a face-to-face/one-on-one encounter, or group encounter as in the case of substance use disorder treatment between the patient and clinician during which time one or more services are rendered.

Required data
  • Personal information: first name, last name, email address.
  • Total mean hours worked per week during the reporting period.
  • Total days away from your job for any reason, including holiday, vacation, sick leave, administrative leave, medical leave, snow days, continuing education, training days, etc.
  • Total number of patient encounters for the reporting period.
  • Number of patient encounters for Medicaid, Medicare, Children's Health Plan+, and uninsured encounters using a sliding fee scale.
  • Site manager contact information for independent certification of the report.
Exit survey

The exit survey helps the Primary Care Office improve the quality of the program based on your feedback. It also allows us to determine the attributes of a successful provider and practice site according to program priorities. All providers must complete this survey before we can issue a letter of completion for participation in the Colorado Health Service Corps.