Community water fluoridation

The Oral Health Unit, in collaboration with the Safe Drinking Water Program, administers the community water fluoridation program ensuring that the addition of fluoride is following the latest scientific, dental and health guidelines.

Benefits of fluoridation

  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring element and is present in small amounts in almost all water supplies, soil, plants and animals.
  • Scientific research shows that drinking optimally fluoridated water prevents approximately 25 percent of cavities. This is in addition to fluoridated toothpaste, mouth wash and other sources of fluoride.
  • Many water systems in Colorado have enough natural fluoride to prevent tooth decay.
    • Among systems that don’t, many choose to adjust their fluoride levels by taking part in the Community Water Fluoridation Program.
    • The Oral Health Unit administers the program, ensuring the controlled adjustment of the natural fluoride concentration in water is in accordance with the latest scientific, dental and health guidelines
  • Community water fluoridation is an evidence-based, cost-effective public health benefit.
    • More than 70 years of research continue to prove the safety and efficacy of community water fluoridation.
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment supports the 2015 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommended fluoride concentration of 0.7 mg/L for adjusting public water systems.


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To learn about becoming a participating water treatment plant, if you are interested in equipment grant funding, if you have any questions about community water fluoridation, or if you need technical assistance, please get in touch with the Oral Health Program:

cdphe.psfluoridationsmf@state.co.us or call 303-692-2470.