Colorado Health Service Corps contract changes

Maternity, paternity or medical leave
If you take an extended leave that causes you to be away from your job for more than 35 days during one contract year, your contract end date will be extended by adding the number of days in excess of 35 and your contract will be amended. For example, if you're away for 60 days during the contract year, we'll add 25 days to your service obligation. To maintain your contract in good standing:
  • Notify your program navigator of your planned leave.
  • Provide them with the start and end dates of your actual leave when you return to work.
  • Sign, be sure your employer signs and return an amended contract.
Switch to part-time obligation
Switching from a full-time service obligation to a part-time obligation is allowed if you have completed at least 18 months of your current contract. Your contract will be extended (doubled) for the remaining service obligation and your contract will be amended. To request a change to a part-time obligation, you must:
  • Get a letter of support from your employer acknowledging the change to part-time and the extended service obligation.
  • Contact your program navigator about the date you want to switch to part-time or reduce your clinical contact hours.
  • Sign, have your site sign and return an amended contract.
Please see the hourly requirements for details.
Site transfer
If the site is within the same organization:
  • Check to be sure it also is an approved site.
  • Contact your program navigator about your new practice address and verify with them that it is an CHSC-approved site.
If the site is with a different organization:
  • You must request approval and notify your program navigator before changing employers.
  • Transferring organizations makes you ineligible for renewal funding.
  • Your contract must be amended.
Note that changing sites or employers is not allowed during the contracting process and your application will be ineligible.
Residential address change
If your personal contact information changes, please notify your program navigator of the change and submit a W9 form obtained from your navigator.
Name change
If you have a legal name change, please contact your program navigator of the change, and submit a W9 form obtained from your navigator.