Health professional shortage area maps and data

Use the maps and data provided here to determine whether your community is located in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).

Colorado shortage area maps
Eligibility for HPSA status is based on demonstration of unmet need for provider capacity. The federal scoring method takes into account population to provider ratios for the designation, as well as other indicators of need that are specific to the discipline of the designation. Because of the additional factors, larger HPSA scores are generally indicative of greater need, but are not valid for direct comparison of provider capacity deficiency between designations.
In addition to these federal designations, Colorado has created a HPSA for substance use disorder treatment under a method described in state Board of Health Rules. The methodology for substance use disorder designation is based on:
  1. The estimated demand for substance use disorder services for a population within a specific geographic area,
  2. The estimated supply of substance use disorder services for the population within a specific geographic area, and
  3. The determination of whether supply meets demand within a service area.
  4. Areas of the state where the supply falls short of estimated demand for minimally adequate substance use disorder treatment will be designated substance use disorder health professional shortage areas.
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