Your health during pregnancy: Healthy weight gain

Use a BMI calculator to find out what your BMI is. Look at the chart below to determine how much total weight you should gain during your pregnancy. Or try this calculator to determine how much you should weigh based on your week’s gestation.

Pre-pregnancy BMI
Recommended weight gain
Recommended rate
of weight gain
Underweight (<,18.5)
28-40 pounds
Slightly more than 1 pound per week
Normal weight (18.5-24.9)
25-35 pounds
Approximately 1 pound per week
15-25 pounds
Approximately 2/3 of a pound per week
11-20 pounds
Approximately 1/2 pound per week

About weight gain during pregnancy

Gaining the right amount of weight when you\'re pregnant will help you to lose weight after giving birth, can make your delivery easier and will help make sure your baby is born at a healthy weight. Gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy also helps prevent early childhood obesity.

  • Not gaining enough weight can cause your baby to be born too small, too early or with birth defects.

  • Gaining too much weight can lead to problems during your pregnancy like high blood pressure, swelling and gestational diabetes.

    • It may cause your baby to be born too big or too early, or increase your chance of requiring a Cesarean section.

    • Women who gain too much weight may also have a harder time starting breastfeeding.

Choose healthy foods and stay active