Youth sexual health

Sexual health is intimately linked to overall health and wellness. How youth use information about sex and relationships impacts how they plan their educational and economic future, how they plan for a future with or without children, and how they communicate with their family, friends, and partners about what matters most to them.

Sexual health encompasses:

  • Teen pregnancy prevention.

  • STI/HIV prevention.

  • Sexual violence prevention.

  • Disparities related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) populations.

  • Disparities related to race, ethnicity, physical ability, and socioeconomic status.

Youth Sexual Health in Colorado: A Call to Action

This report is the result of community conversations in Pueblo, Boulder, Aurora, Glenwood Springs, and Greeley, and a survey of 52 Colorado counties. We hope it will serve as a resource for your work.

The report addresses youth and young adults (ages 9-24), families, and communities across Colorado, and provides strategies for communities to improve the health of young people by:

  • Decreasing rates of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

  • Decreasing the rates of unintended teen pregnancy.

  • Decreasing the incidence of sexual assault and dating violence.

  • Increasing participation by youth in educational and career opportunities.

It lists strategies for:

  • Policy and systems.

  • Communities. A sample action plan is included.

  • Individuals.

Call to action resources:

Data and fact sheets

Resources for professionals