Looking for SBHCs?

Map of school-based health center sites funded by CDPHE


Dashboard Tips

Filters – There are two filters for the map and graphs below. One filter is for Urban and Rural counties. The other filter is for the SBHC Strategies. When you click the bar that will start labeled (All) for each filter, you can check or uncheck any label. This will dynamically change both the map and the bar graph. It could take several seconds to update.

Searching – When the mouse cursor is hovering over any part of the map, a magnifying glass will appear in the top left corner. If you click on the magnifying glass a search bar will appear. You can search at the town, city and county level.

Zooming and Panning – The easiest way to zoom and pan around the map is to hover over any part of the map, and then over the right pointing triangle that appears. Move the cursor to the right and click on the pan icon (crosshairs that say pan while hovering over). Once selected you can hold down a click and drag the map in any direction. You can also hold shift+f and do the same thing. You can zoom by scrolling, or by selecting the +/- symbols that appear while hovering over the map. The house symbol will reset the map to its original position.

Tooltip – Hovering over any county or SBHC will prompt a tooltip to appear with additional details:

  • County
    • County Name
    • Urban/Rural Classification
  • SBHC
    • SBHC Name
    • Address
    • County
    • Host School(s)
    • Phone Number
    • Strategy
View a map of all Colorado SBHCs

See a listing of all school-based health centers in Colorado from the Youth Healthcare Alliance (YHA).