WQCC policies


  • Policy 20-1: Policy for Interpreting the Narrative Water Quality Standards for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
  • Policy 17-1: Voluntary Incentive Program for Early Nutrient Reductions
  • Policy 13-1: Guidance for Development, Adoption and Review of Discharger Specific Variances
  • Policy 10-1: Aquatic Life Use Attainment
  • Policy 06-1: Temperature Criteria Methodology
  • Policy 98-1: Guidance for Implementation of Colorado's Narrative Sediment Standard, Regulation #31, Section 31.11(1)(a)(i)
  • Policy 98-2: A Guide to Colorado Programs for Water Quality Management and Safe Drinking Water
  • Policy 96-2: Human Health-Based Water Quality Criteria and Standards

Policy Resolutions