Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council

We established the Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council per Senate Bill 14-155, which was passed in May 2014 and amended CRS 25-1.5-106.5.The council meets periodically, and all meetings are open for public attendance.
  • Provide policy guidance in the creation and implementation of the Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program.
  • Provide scientific oversight and review research proposals to the Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program.
  • Ensure objectivity in evaluation of research proposals and provide a peer review process that guards against funding research that's biased in favor of or against particular outcomes.
  • Submit recommendations to us and the Board of Health for recommended grant recipients, grant amounts and grant duration.
Approved medical marijuana research grants
Description of funded research grants approved by the Board of Health
The council is composed of up to 13 members, plus our chief medical officer or designee, from numerous respected organizations and parts of the community who have expertise as specified in statute related to the scientific substance and methods of research and/or familiarity with the uses of medical marijuana.
Meetings schedule, minutes and recordings