Invitation to participate for household hazardous waste collection programs

The thermostat recycling program collects used mercury-containing thermostats from both household and commercial consumers.
Thermostats are placed in special collection containers at participating facilities.
When the container is full, your facility returns it to Thermostat Recycling Corp. in exchange for a new container. Thermostat Recycling Corp. arranges for recycling of the mercury from the thermostats.

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Why recycling mercury is important

Hundreds of mercury-containing thermostats are replaced each year in commercial and residential buildings. Without a convenient and environmentally sound way to recycle the mercury, many of these thermostats are disposed of in the trash.
Once sent to a landfill, mercury may leak out, contaminating air, soil, groundwater, surface water and drinking water. Mercury accumulates through the food chain and can be ingested by people who eat fish caught in contaminated lakes and rivers.
Mercury has been shown to have long-lasting health effects. Human exposure to mercury has been linked to nervous system, kidney and liver damage, and impaired childhood development. It also may cause cancer.

How to help

For the recycling program to be successful, we need your active support and cooperation. You can help by placing one or more special collection containers at your location for out-of-service wall-mounted thermostats.
To recover a higher percentage of mercury thermostats, you’re asked to actively encourage participation. You’re also encouraged to accept intact mercury thermostats from anyone who wants to participate.
The program is designed to be consistent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Universal Waste Program for non-residential generators of mercury thermostats.

Cost and signing up

There’s an initial cost of $25 per collection container, but all shipping and recycling costs are borne by Thermostat Recycling Corp.
  • To get one or more collection containers, please complete one of the available container order forms and return it to Thermostat Recycling Corp. for processing.
There’s no cost to consumers who participate in the program if they take their thermostats to a facility that has a collection container.

Who can have a collection container

The program, originally designed for heating, ventilating and air conditioning wholesalers, has been expanded to allow certain contractors who don't regularly visit their wholesaler to obtain their own containers.
Household hazardous waste collection programs also can have collection containers.

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