Mercury thermostat recycling program

The thermostat recycling program has been expanded. Certain heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors and household hazardous waste collection programs are now eligible to get their own recycling containers.
We strongly encourage HVAC wholesalers, distributors, installation contractors and household hazardous waste collection programs to participate in Thermostat Recycling Corp’s program for all brands of wall-mounted mercury thermostats removed from service.
  • Participating facilities are encouraged to accept mercury thermostats from homeowners and anyone who wants to recycle the thermostats.
  • Thermostats are collected after they’ve been removed from service and are put into special collection containers at participating facilities for recycling.
    • When the container is full, the participating facility returns it to Thermostat Recycling Corp. in exchange for a new container.
  • The mercury switches are removed from the thermostats and sent to a company that purifies the mercury for reuse.
  • After collecting a nominal fee for the initial collection container, Thermostat Recycling Corp. pays all shipping and recycling costs.
  • This program is designed for wall-mounted mercury thermostats only.
  • It’s important that the entire thermostat be returned because the thermostat housing provides protection for the mercury switch during shipment.
  • Thermostats returned under warranty shouldn’t be included in the recycling containers.