Safe harbor hemp & hemp manufacturers – You may be generating hazardous waste!


The use or presence of these at your facility could subject you to the Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations. Note: These lists are not all-inclusive. The use of other products may generate hazardous waste.


Solvents, including:

  • Acetone.
  • Ethanol.
  • Pentane.
  • Heptane.
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone. 
  • Dichloromethane/methylene chloride.
  • Toluene.
  • Chloroform.
  • Xylene.

Acids & bases, including:

  • Formic acid.
  • P-toluenesulfonic acid.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Acetic acid.
  • Camphorsulfonic acid.

Other chemicals, including:

  • Unsellable/unusable converted hemp products.
  • Unusable mother liquor.
  • Expired/unusable chemical products.
  • HPLC & lab standards & reagents.
  • Contaminated or used PPE, debris,  spill cleanup material.

How do I know if I need to comply?


What if I don’t comply?

If you generate hazardous waste and do not comply with the regulations, you may be subject to unannounced inspections, administrative or civil penalties, and even criminal prosecution.