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Vaccine inventory management

Proper vaccine inventory management focuses on the full life cycle of managing the vaccine supply chain for your office. Successful providers have the ability to purchase, store, administer and bill for vaccines in a sustainable way. Many providers leverage public-private partnerships for key components of their overall vaccine inventory management system.

Vendor table

This table summarizes services and vendors that support various aspects of the full life cycle of inventory management such as credentialing, contracting, purchasing, storage and billing.


The SB222 Taskforce has reviewed the information provided by each vendor listed in this table. These vendors represent a variety of solutions available to health care providers who want to strengthen vaccine management and delivery in their practice. This table is meant to serve as a reference tool to support health care providers in selecting services and vendors who might best meet their needs. The SB222 Taskforce does not endorse any one vendor in this table and not all vendors may be represented.