CIIS school and child care users


Schools, child cares, and Head Starts can use the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) to lookup, review, and print immunization records records. All users must take online training, create a CIIS user account, and read our confidentiality and security policies before using CIIS.

User Registration Process

Learn how to enroll your school or child care center in the Colorado Public Health Reporting Portal (CoPHR) and how to request a CIIS school and child care user account.

Required CIIS Training on Co.Train

For CIIS access, you must first take a required online course on CO.Train. To access and register for a CIIS course on CO.Train, please see our CO.Train Quick Guide here.

Please review the chart in the Quick Guide to determine which training is required for your user type. If you have questions about which course is right for you, please contact the CIIS Help Desk at 303-692-2437, option 2 or cdphe.ciis@state.co.us

Please note: In order to get a CIIS account, you must demonstrate proof that you’ve completed the appropriate training(s). After completing your course(s) on Co.Train, please navigate to the course page in Co.Train and click the blue ‘Print Certificate’ button. Please save this certificate to your records so that you can upload it when requesting a CIIS account.

CIIS School and Child Care Login Page

After being granted a CIIS account, a CIIS school or child care user can access the system here. Please save or bookmark the CIIS School Application hyperlink for future ease of access.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and CIIS

FERPA affords parents and students certain rights regarding education records. If a school wants to add student immunization records to CIIS, written consent must be obtained. Schools do not have to obtain written consent to look up records in CIIS.

Training Materials for CIIS School and Child Care Users

Review a list of job aids and helpful training resources for CIIS School and Child Care Users. Topics covered include general information about CIIS, module-specific job aids (e.g., Patients module, Immunizations module, Education module), and links to learn more about required vaccines, vaccine schedules, and more.