I want to obtain a Certificate of Medical Exemption


Must review general exemption requirements prior to continuing.

A medical exemption is available for students who have a medical condition that prevents them from receiving one or more school-required vaccines.

You are responsible for providing the signed Certificate of Medical Exemption to each school or child care you/your child attends.

A Certificate of Medical Exemption requires the signature of one of the following health care providers, licensed to practice in any state or territory of the United States: 

  • Advanced practice nurse (APN) 
  • Physician (Medical Doctor [MD] or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine [DO])
  • Physician assistant (PA)

A Certificate of Medical Exemption needs to be submitted only once, unless there is a change in the student’s school or personal information.

Downloadable Certificate of Medical Exemption:

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Per Colorado Revised Statutes 25-4-2403(2.5) and 25-4-2403, immunizing providers are required to submit immunization, medical exemption, and nonmedical exemption data into the Colorado Immunization Information System.

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