International travelers

Are you planning to travel internationally for business or vacation?
  • Your risk of becoming ill while traveling depends on:
    • Where you're traveling.
    • The length of your stay.
    • Activities planned.
    • Your health.
    • Your vaccine history.
  • Because most vaccines take time to become effective and may need to be given in a series over time, you should check with a health care provider familiar with travel medicine or make an appointment at a travel clinic at least four to six weeks before you travel.
    • Not all health care providers or travel clinics offer all vaccines you may need, so be sure to ask which services are available before you make your appointment.
    • Only health care providers authorized by us can give the yellow fever vaccine.
Find a Colorado yellow fever vaccination provider
Determine which diseases are most common for your travel destination

Use the yellow fever vaccination clinic search page to find locations that can administer Stamaril. For more information, please see the following resources: