Newborn blood spot screening

A number of issues have been raised about Covid-19 around collection of 1st and 2nd screen testing. 
  • Early discharge of mother after delivery and 1st specimen collection.
    • Colorado Newborn Screening Program (CONBSP) recommends that the 1st NBS be collected at 24-48 hours after delivery.  If facilities have to collect a specimen earlier then recommendations they will need to submit another specimen collected at 48-72 hours after delivery. They will also need to collect the traditional 2nd screen at 8-14 days after delivery.
  • Delay of 2nd screen collection due to Covid-19 changes to PCP office hours.
    • CONBSP recommends the collection of the 2nd screen at 8-14 days after delivery.  If facilities are unable to collect the specimen in this time frame we recommend that they collect the specimen within the first 20 days after delivery.  Treatment of NBS conditions tested on the 2nd screen need to begin within the first 30 days after delivery to reduce or prevent harm to the newborn.

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