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CIIS Patient Reminder/Recall Toolkit

The CIIS Patient Reminder/Recall Report is used to remind or recall patients at your clinic who are coming due or are overdue for their vaccinations. This toolkit contains training materials and resources to help you run a successful reminder/recall report in CIIS. The first step is to take the required CIIS Reminder/Recall online training course ID # 1030877 on CO.TRAIN. Next, contact the CIIS Help Desk at to gain access to the CIIS Patient Reminder/Recall Report feature.

The toolkit includes these additional resources:
Additional training resources and refreshers:
View these short video demonstrations:


Notification Templates – Here you will find sample templates that you can modify for reminder/recall letters and postcards, and links to mail-merge instructions. 

If you have questions, please contact the CIIS Help Desk at