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Solid Waste User Fee volume report 2022
State total in cubic yards : 27,582,061
State total in tons: 9,126,196
Solid waste user fee: $18,094,535.20

Solid Waste User Fee volume report 2021
State total in cubic yards : 27,522,770
State total in tons: 9,155,356
Solid waste user fee: $15,104,866.54

Solid Waste User Fee volume report 2020
State total in cubic yards : 27,119,492
State total in tons: 8,579,268
Solid waste user fee: $12,029,217.06

Solid Waste User Fee volume report 2019
State total in cubic yards : 28,767,211
State total in tons: 9,696,689
Solid waste user fee: $9,513,713.38

Solid Waste User Fee volume report 2018
State total in cubic yards : 29,529,261

State total in tons: 8,867,646

Solid waste user fee: $9,716,259.70

State total in cubic yards :27,762,965
State total in tons: 8,337,227
Solid waste user fee: $9,128,485.61

​State total in cubic yards: 26,601,066
State total in tons:7,988,308
Solid waste user fee:$8,744,031.61
​State total in cubic yards: 25,235,673
State total in tons: 7,578,280
Solid waste user fee: $7,579,526.45

Solid waste user fee historical figures

2014 - State total in cubic yards: 23,482,036
State total in tons: 7,051,662
Solid waste user fee: $6,660,569.36
2013 - State total in cubic yards: 22,500,744
State total in tons: 6,756,980
Solid waste user fee: $5,834,511.28
2012 - State total in cubic yards: 20,615,361     
State total in tons: 6,190,799     
Solid waste user fee: $6,069,189
2011 - State total in cubic yards: 21,060,764     
State total in tons: 6,324,554     
Solid waste user fee: $6,647,194
2010 - State total in cubic yards: 22,343,081     
State total in tons: 6,709,634     
Solid waste user fee: $5,161,912
2009 - State total in cubic yards: 21,582,083     
State total in tons: 6,481,106     
Solid waste user fee: $4,615,727
2008 - State total in cubic yards: 24,121,664     
State total in tons: 7,243,743     
Solid waste user fee: $5,974,455
2007 - State total in cubic yards: 28,095,314     
State total in tons: 8,437,031     
Solid waste user fee: $4,658,592
2006 - State total in cubic yards: 27,333,994     
State total in tons: 8,208,407     
Solid waste user fee: $3,569,845

2005 - State total in cubic yards: 25,700,745     
State total in tons: 7,717,941     
Solid waste user fee: $3,856,372
2004 - State total in cubic yards: 24,827,216     
State total in tons: 7,455,620     
Solid waste user fee: $3,771,334
2003 - State total in cubic yards: 23,892,593     
State total in tons: 7,174,953     
Solid waste user fee: $3,340,437
2002 - State total in cubic yards: 25,475,557     
State total in tons: 7,650,318     
Solid waste user fee: $3,193,595
2001 - State total in cubic yards: 24,026,219     
State total in tons: 7,215,081     
Solid waste user fee: $3,266,797
2000 - State total in cubic yards: 21,662,929     
State total in tons: 6,505,384     
Solid waste user fee: $3,297,277
1999 - State total in cubic yards: 20,044,129     
State total in tons: 6,019,258     
Solid waste user fee: $3,007,343
1998 - State total in cubic yards: 18,433,736     
State total in tons: 5,535,656     
Solid waste user fee: $3,279,883
1997 - State total in cubic yards: 16,928,543     
State total in tons: 5,083,646     
Solid waste user fee: $3,475,300
1996 - State total in cubic yards: 16,057,605     
State total in tons: 4,822,104     
Solid waste user fee: $3,456,536

​Statewide landfill disposal data origins and interpretation

Waste volumes presented in the statewide solid waste disposal statistics reports are an annual summary of volumes received under the authority of the Hazardous Substance Response Act (HSRF), 25-15-104.5 CRS.All facilities with a certificate of designation and with an attendant are required to report their volumes to the state on a quarterly basis and pay a specified fee.Money collected is split between a fund for Superfund match and the Solid Waste Management Fund.
  • Waste quantities may be reported and tallied by cubic yards, tons, vehicles or gallons. All waste quantities are then converted to cubic yards based on the following conversion factors:
    • 0.333 cubic yard per car.
    • 0.666 cubic yard per truck.
    • 3.333 cubic yards per ton (based on the "average" compaction rate for household trash).
    • 5.000 cubic yards per 1,000 gallons.
    • 0.75 cubic yards per ton for soil (beginning the first quarter of calendar year 2003).
The data presented in these reports consists of the total solid waste reported for each facility, a total for all facilities within a given county (County Total), and a total for all counties (State Volume). The data are for a calendar year.
  • Waste volumes are for total waste and are not just municipal solid waste.
  • National figures produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are for municipal solid waste per capita and therefore exclude certain wastes that are included in our totals.
  • To approximate the national figures reported by EPA, the approximate volume of non-municipal solid waste must be accounted for when converting our data.