Solid Waste proposed rulemakings and stakeholder processes

Proposed rulemakings

Pending composting regulation rulemaking change

The Solid Waste Program is currently drafting changes to Section 14 - Composting. These changes will address some of the permitting issues identified in the Organics Management Plan; specifically, by increasing the volume of Type 2 material that Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Composting Operations can manage, and by creating a class of facility between Conditionally Exempt and Class III that is able to accept source separated organics and food residuals.

Once the amended rule has been drafted, the department will convene stakeholders to discuss and provide comments on the proposed rule. The department anticipates that the stakeholder meetings will take place in the spring and summer of 2023.

For questions about the proposed changes to the composting regulations, please contact Jace Driver at or 303.691.4059.


The Waste Tire Program is proposing changes to the following sections of the Part 1 of the Colorado solid waste regulations:

  • Section 1.7 (“Solid Waste Authorization and Fees”)
  • Section 10.11 (“Waste Tire Fee Administration”)
  • Section 10.12 ("Waste Tire End Users Fund")
  • Section 10.3 ("Standards for Waste Tire Haulers")
  • Section 10.7 ("Standards for Mobile Waste Tire Processors")

The department is required per statute to evaluate the per ton rebate rates annually. Changes to these rates will affect end users of tire derived products or waste tires. Per statute, the Waste Tire Fee will be set at $.55 per replacement tire starting in 2024. We are also proposing to change when the waste tire haulers and mobile waste tire processors renewal applications would not be approved if annual reports are not submitted.

We held a virtual stakeholder meeting on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

For questions about the proposed changes to the end user rebate, please contact:
Brian Gaboriau at

For questions about the waste tire hauler and waste tire mobile processors renewals, contact:
Shana Baker at

We will present the proposed rules at the Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission Meeting on August 16, 2023.