Recycling and beneficial use


We promote waste diversion strategies and make sure recycling activities meet state requirements. We also oversee recycling facility registration and reporting, issue beneficial use determinations and track recyclable materials flow within the state.
  • Facilities are classified by the types of materials handled and how they are operated.
  • Section 8 includes standards for reuse of some solid wastes by established beneficial use criteria.

Erase the Waste

To learn more about waste reduction and recycling best practices, please visit the Erase the Waste website or sitio web de Erase the Waste en español or download campaign materials for community use.


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Producer Responsibility Program

On June 3rd, 2022, the Producer Responsibility Program for Statewide Recycling Act, House Bill 22-1355 was signed into law. HB 22-1355 sets up a Producer Responsibility program that requires companies that sell products in packaging, paper products, and food service ware to fund a statewide recycling system to recycle those materials.
This program will:
  • Provide funding mechanisms for recycling services and infrastructure across the state.
  • Increase recycling access in Colorado, including apartments and rural areas
  • Save local governments money by reimbursing their costs to run their recycling programs
  • Support Colorado businesses by creating a more resilient domestic supply of raw material to make new products.
  • Encourage producers to design and manage covered materials to prevent/minimize their negative environmental, social, economic and health impacts.