Information on computer waste for local governments

Electronic device recycling requirements

Colorado residents can no longer dispose of household electronics in their trash

Your requirements under the landfill ban

  • You aren't required to fund a public electronics recycling program or collection events.
    • In limited situations, you may vote to opt out of the landfill ban after first performing a "good faith effort" to provide the minimum recycling options.
      • A good faith effort must include trying to provide two recycling drop-off events per year, or an ongoing electronic waste recycling program serving your residents.
    • If you opt out of the landfill ban, the option expires after two years and you must re-assess the feasibility of providing the minimum recycling options.
  • County-operated landfills and transfer stations must update their facility signs to show that electronics waste is prohibited from disposal.
  • You may use resources provided in the toolkit below to share information with residents about the electronic waste landfill ban.
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