Heart disease and stroke

Prevent heart disease and stroke in your family by understanding the risks.

Most risk factors for heart disease and strokespecifically,high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and obesityare preventable and controllable.

Heart disease and stroke prevention in Colorado

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Partner resources

Million Hearts: Online tools, videos, publications, action guides, treatment protocols and connections.

American Heart Association: Healthy living resources, videos, initiatives and research.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's heartdisease and stroke pages: Educational materials, videos, data and research.

National Institute of Health: Research on cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and much more.

Office of Minority Health: Tools for health equity and action.

Cardiovascular data and reports

Data on cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, hypertension and more.

Related programs

WISEWOMAN health screening.

Diabetes prevention and management.

Just Check It: Colorado-based program for home blood pressure management.

Check.Change.Control.: The American Heart Association's national home blood pressure management program.

Medication Optimization: Check out Colorado's Community Pharmacist Integration work.