Cancer prevention funding opportunities

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RFA #40359 - Cancer Prevention and Early Detection grant funding

On April 4, 2022, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a five-year request for applications (RFA) to reduce cancer health disparities, morbidity and mortality rates in Colorado. 

This RFA will cover the next 5-year contracting period: January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2027. The first six months of the new contract will be a separate budget period (January 1 to June 29, 2023), followed by four 1-year budget periods following the typical  Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (CPED) program fiscal year (June 30 to June 29 annually), ending with a final 6 month budget period (June 30 - December 31, 2027).

Apply - Deadline is June 1, 2022 at 12 p.m. MT

This RFA includes two application Paths for Applicants. The two Paths are based on the Applicant’s organization type and include one or more strategies. Applicants may apply for only one path.

There are guidance documents specifically for the Health System Path and Community-Based Organization Path.

The Health System Path is specific to organizations that are health systems. For the purposes of this RFA, a health system is defined as:

  • Individual health clinic (includes provider-owned clinic).
  • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).
  • Community health center.
  • Hospital.
  • Hospital networks for the use and benefit of a hospital within their network (may include hospital foundations).
  • Safety net clinic.
  • Rural health center.

The Community-Based Organization Path is specific to organizations that are community-based organizations. For the purposes of this RFA, a community-based organization (CBO) is defined as:

  • A public or private nonprofit organization of demonstrated effectiveness that:
    • (A) is representative of a community or significant segments of a community; and
    • (B) provides educational or related services to individuals in the community.
  • For the purposes of the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection program, a CBO cannot meet the definition of a Health System.

Who should apply

Any organization interested in implementing one or more strategies to increase and sustain health equity as it relates to cancer prevention and early detection are encouraged to apply. 

Note: Contracts will end on December 31, 2022 for all organizations currently funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program’s Health Navigation and Clinical Services, The Community Outreach and Clinic Quality Improvement Strategies.

Health Systems and Community-Based Organizations that wish to continue receiving funding for Health Navigation and Clinical Services or the Community Outreach Strategy after this date, MUST apply for this competitive RFA.

Government Organizations

Government Organizations have a separate funding process and do not have to apply to the CPED RFA. Information for Government Organizations can be found here.


Contact us with questions about the application process at

Note that questions will not be accepted or addressed in direct emails or phone calls to any CDPHE staff to ensure consistent information for all Applicants.

Informational Sessions

Note: These are not the in-depth applicant webinars that are held as part of the RFA process.

The Applicant Webinar recordings and presentation slides can be found on the appropriate path webpage.