Requirements for the Colorado Community Health Worker credential

In 2023, CDPHE adopted the umbrella term “Community Health Worker” for the workforce in Colorado. CDPHE, together with a group of stakeholders, revised the Health Navigator core competencies to a new set of 8 (eight) Community Health Worker core competencies. In the year ahead, training programs will adapt their curricula to the new core competencies and will reapply to be recognized as Community Health Worker training programs.

Some of the current training program language may use the term “Health Navigator” but that will eventually change to Community Health Worker. In the interim, Health Navigator training will be accepted until all training programs change to Community Health Worker training programs.

Credential requirements

You must:

  • Participate in a CDPHE-recognized Community Health Worker training program.
  • Pass the Community Health Worker core competency assessment.

Recognized Training Programs

To become a CDPHE Recognized Community Health Worker Training Program:

Current CDPHE-recognized training programs


University of Colorado Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging Health Navigator Training Program 

Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) Health Navigator Training

  • The MSU Denver CHW/Health Navigator Training course serves as a starting point for those eager to pursue careers in Health Navigation or Community Health Work and can stack into an MSU Denver credential or degree. Classes are offered virtually.

Patient Navigator & Community Health Worker Training Program