Communicable disease rulemaking


The Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response and Office of STI, HIV, and Viral Hepatitis at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are proposing changes to 6 Code of Colorado Regulations 1009-1 (6 CCR 1009-1): Epidemic and Communicable Disease Control.  

6 CCR 1009-1 names the communicable diseases that are reportable to CDPHE and local public health agencies in order to protect the public’s health. As part of this, this set of rules:

  • Details how these conditions must be reported to CDPHE,
  • Includes language about access to pertinent medical records and public health authority to access those records, as necessary, to perform investigations, and  
  • Outlines public health’s authority to investigate causes of epidemic and communicable diseases to implement disease control measures. 

A copy of the rules with the proposed changes and memo providing additional context for those changes appear below:

If you have feedback about any of the rules in 6 CCR 1009-1, you may:

  1. Attend a virtual public listening session on July 18, 2024, from 10 a.m.- noon. CDPHE staff will review the proposed rule changes and rulemaking process and take feedback. Registration must be done in advance at the following Zoom webpage.
  2. Use CDPHE’s online feedback form. In order to be considered, CDPHE must receive your comments by July 30, 2024, at 5 p.m., and feedback must be limited to 6 CCR 1009-1. 

Feedback submitted at this time is for consideration by CDPHE in drafting the proposed rule updates. CDPHE program staff will consider it and potentially incorporate it into the request for rulemaking packet submitted to the Board of Health. Feedback submitted at this time will not be directly transmitted to the Board of Health or become a part of the official rule record. Once the Board of Health grants the request for rulemaking, the public will have the opportunity to submit comments directly to the Board of Health, which will be included in their entirety with the formal record. 

CDPHE will submit the proposed rule updates to the Board of Health to request an official rulemaking hearing on September 18, 2024. If the request is granted, stakeholder engagement will continue. Details on further opportunities to engage during this period will be sent out after the request for rulemaking. The final rulemaking hearing will be held on November 20, 2024. Meeting documents are typically posted to the Board of Health’s meetings webpage by the second Monday of the month. Refer to the Board of Health’s homepage for more information about the hearings.

If you have further questions about the rulemaking process, email cdphe_dcphr_planning@state.co.us.