COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Reporting Requirements

Provider Reporting
  • All test results (e.g. positive, negative, and inconclusive) for rapid point-of-care COVID-19 tests must be reported to public health. 
  • Providers must also report all positive COVID-19 test results for non-point-of-care tests (those sent out to a lab for testing). Test types include any PCR or other molecular assay, antigen, and serology (IgM, IgG, IgA, and total antibody). 
  • COVID-19 results are immediately reportable; therefore, results must be sent to public health within 24 hours of the results being known or determined. 
Laboratory Reporting
  • All positive, negative, and inconclusive SARS-CoV-2 test results must be reported electronically by laboratories. 
Abbott BinaxNOW & Cue Health Results Reporting: (for test kits distributed by public health)
  • COVID-19 test results (e.g. positive, negative, and inconclusive), including BinaxNOW and Cue Health tests, are required to be reported. COVID results are immediately reportable; therefore, results must be sent within 24 hours of the results being known or determined.
  • If you are an individual that would like to report their positive At-Home COVID-19 test, go here: Full demographic and test information will need to be provided. You may or may not be contacted by someone from public health. For information on isolation/quarantine, please refer to: Isolation & Quarantine.
Clinical Research Reporting

All positive, negative and inconclusive results for SARS-CoV-2 testing conducted as part of a clinical trial must be reported electronically by the testing laboratory. 

Required components for reporting
  • Name of disease or condition (i.e. COVID-19)
  • Patient’s first name and last name 
  • Patient’s date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Patient’s sex
  • Patient’s race and ethnicity
  • Patient’s home address* (Address, city, state, zip code) 
    *If a patient is a student at a university, they should provide their local address at time of testing to ensure the local public health agency where their school is located is properly notified of the result. For additional information on how to determine residency for case reporting, please see:
  • Patient’s phone number (###-###-####)
  • Ordering healthcare provider’s name, clinic address and clinic phone number
  • Testing lab name (name of testing lab if applicable, or name of facility if doing point of care rapid testing) 
  • Test name/type (PCR, IgM, antigen, etc.)
  • Specimen collection date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Specimen type (NP swab, blood, etc.)
  • Test result (positive, negative or inconclusive; including quantitative ranges, if applicable)
  • Accession number (if applicable) 

How to report COVID-19

Options for reporting SARS-CoV-2 results include the following:
  • Flat file reporting to an sFTP site or ELR (see ELR below).
  • Reporting via web-based portal (Disease Control and Public Health Response Portal - COVID-19 Case Reporting) 
    • If you would like to report COVID-19 results via the COVID-19 Case Reporting Portal, please fill out the COVID-19 Case Reporting Portal registration form.
    • Please note: Once users fill out the registration form, they will be contacted with next steps for getting set up with the portal and be given instructions for how to use the portal. Filling out the registration form does not mean your account for the portal has been created or activated. Users will receive additional instructions via email.
  • If you are a provider seeking guidance on the best reporting format for your facility, please complete the COVID reporting inquiry form. Inquiries are typically addressed within 3 business days.
Electronic laboratory reporting (ELR)
  • We accept standard HL7 and flat file formats submitted by sFTP. 
  • To onboard or for more information, contact
  • Read our FAQ document on case reporting for facilities that use electronic lab reporting.
Abbott BinaxNOW & Cue Health Results Reporting: (for test kits distributed by public health to providers or individuals)
  • Results can be reported here: BinaxNOW and Cue Health Result Reporting Website.
  • For more resources regarding BinaxNOW testing and reporting please see “Abbott BinaxNOW” within: LPHAs and health care providers
  • If you are using a Binax kit purchased by your facility, please refer to the section above for “How to Report COVID-19” for information on reporting via ELR or CDPHE’s COVID-19 Case Reporting portal
  • At-Home COVID-19 Reporting: positive At-Home COVID-19 Tests can be reported here:  
    • All users will need to create an account. For “name of facility”, enter home. For “facility address”, enter your home address.
Reporting table


Any facility that handles SARS-CoV-2 clinical specimens (specimen collection and/or testing) may report results to CDPHE
What type of COVID testing does your facility do? Reporting Method: What types of files is your facility able to generate? How to Report:
(if not already reporting by one of these methods)
Point of care - rapid testing ONLY Provider Portal
(web-based case reporting)
No, our systems are not able to generate a HL7 message or a (CSV or pipe delimited) flat file Covid-19 Case Reporting Portal

Register at the link ➔

Not for individual at-home test reporting.

COVID provider reporting portal registration:

Point of care rapid tests AND/OR specimens tested at a laboratory
Flat File Upload - via provider portal (Manual upload of standard flat file (CSV or Pipe) via web portal Yes, our systems are able to generate a pipe delimited flat file or CSV file OR can manually download a template and enter in results following specifications Covid-19 Case Reporting Portal (rapid POC tests only) & ELR Flat File Upload in Portal (any test type) Contact:
Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR)
(Automated HL7 or flat file through FTP)
Yes, our systems are able to generate an HL7 message or pipe delimited flat file HL7 or sFTP Contact:
BinaxNOW antigen or Cue Health NAAT - for test kits distributed by public health
Abbott BinaxNOW & Cue Health - Results Reporting Site
Internet and Browser (BinaxNOW & Cue Health specific web-based reporting form)
Additional information available at this link ➔
Enter results at this link ➔

**If you are still unsure of how to report, please fill out this reporting inquiry form:

Frequently asked questions

Important Links for COVID-19 Reporting 

Colorado Department of Public Health 
Department of Health & Human Services:
CDC website


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