Placing an order

Once you are approved you can order your naloxone. Frequently asked questions are addressed below by topic.

Once I am approved to access the Naloxone Bulk Fund, how do I place an order?
  • You will receive an email from CDPHE with the order form link. Follow that link to complete your naloxone request. 
  • We recommend bookmarking the order form, as this is the same form you will use to place future orders. 


What kind of naloxone do you offer?

CDPHE currently offers access to 3 types of naloxone for distribution; one nasal spray and two intramuscular variations. 



*Shelf life

Quantity options

Narcan nasal spray


(Two doses per kit)

4 years

(48 months)

Available in multiples of 12 kits
Naloxone injection2mL

2 years

(24 months)

10 doses per unit
Naloxone single dose vial0.4mg/mL

2 years

(24 months)

Available in 10 or 25 doses per unit

**Listed shelf life applies to newly manufactured products. The most accurate expiration date will be found printed on each individual product. Note: expired naloxone is better than no naloxone. If your agency does not permit the distribution of expired naloxone, consider donating it to the Colorado Consortium.


How much naloxone should I order?

The priority of the Bulk Fund is to get naloxone into the hands of people who are at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose, friends, and family members, and other persons in a position to assist a person at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose. We encourage agencies only to request what they will use before the product expires. See the shelf life information for each product above.

Why is a standing order required?
  • Without a standing order, medications, including naloxone, require a prescription from a medical provider to access.
  • When an entity has a standing order, they can get naloxone in the hands of those who may need it, without the barrier of having to access a medical provider. 

Is there a limit to how much I can order?
  • There are no limits on the number of units you can request, although depending on manufacturer availability and funding limitations some large quantities may not be able to be fulfilled. Agencies are encouraged only to request what they will use before the product expires.