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Shared Risk and Protective Factor Profile Reports

The following state and regional profiles summarize the findings from the 2017 and 2019 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data pertinent to scientifically-validated and researched shared risk and protective factor (SRPF) data.* These reports are unique from the standard HKCS profiles in that these combine multiple questions from HKCS into risk and protective factor scales that have been shown to influence the likelihood of substance abuse, violence and mental well-being outcomes.

Risk and Protective Factor Profiles
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These high school profiles combine data across 45 questions into 11 unique measures of risk or protection in communities, families, schools and in individuals, including:

  • Perceived availability of substances in their community.

  • Laws and norms that are favorable toward substance use.

  • Parental monitoring concerns.

  • Parental attitudes that are favorable toward substance use.

  • Opportunities to engage in prosocial activities within families.

  • Lack of academic success.

  • Low commitment to school.

  • Rewards for engaging in prosocial activities at school.

  • Early initiation of substance use.

  • Perceived risk of substance use.

  • Individual attitudes that are favorable toward substance use.

*estimates for the demographics in these report are unweighted