Prevention funding


Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery Services Block Grant (SUPTRS)

SUPTRS is federal funding through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) administered by the CPEI unit that helps organizations plan, carry out, and evaluate the effectiveness of activities that prevent substance use. Each organization creates its own unique prevention plan that fits its community’s needs and can take place in many different settings. These activities may be available to everyone or only to specific groups of people at higher risk of substance use.

Persistent Drunk Driving/Law Enforcement Assistance Funds (PDD/LEAF)

The Prevention portion of the funding is used to provide services that prevent impaired driving through local organizations across Colorado. It uses a shared risk and protective factor approach that focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion. A shared risk and protective factor approach considers how risk and protective factors are interconnected and influence many health outcomes; learn more about the shared risk and protective factor approach. The PDD state cash fund is authorized by 42-3-130.5, CRS.


The Collaborative (HB21-1276)

The Collaborative is an initiative established through HB21-1276 to implement "Colorado's Statewide Strategic Plan for the Primary Prevention of Substance Misuse". The Collaborative utilizes action groups with diverse partners focused on specific goals to strengthen Colorado's prevention system through a shared vision that Colorado's youth and their families are healthy, thriving, and resilient.

Communities Supported by Prevention Dollars

CPEI provides funding to local communities for many different programs that aim to prevent the use of legal and illegal substances. The work happening in these communities is the key to successful prevention and creating change across Colorado. The funded communities receive five years of funding (2020-2025) to make a difference.



Colorado Project AWARE logo
Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education)

Colorado Project AWARE, a competitive federal grant from SAMHSA awarded to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) in both 2020 and 2022, created a partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), and the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to build and expand the capacity of the state government and seven local education partners around the behavioral and mental health needs of school-aged youth. AWARE funding can also be used by the state and local education partners to provide training and resources to school personnel and adults who interact with school-aged youth to detect and respond to mental health challenges and connect school-aged youth (and their families) to needed services. To learn more about Colorado Project AWARE, please visit the CDE AWARE website.