Press Release

Cervical Health Awareness Month: A Pap test is the first line of defense to prevent cervical cancer

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, and the state health department encourages women ages 21-74 across Colorado to start the year by talking with their health care providers about scheduling a Pap test. A Pap test is the first line of defense against cervical cancer. When cervical cancer is found early, more than 92% of women had a five-year survival.

Colorado Medicaid members get $10 incentive when they try to quit tobacco with the Colorado QuitLine

Quitting smoking is among the most common New Year’s resolutions. And starting January 1, for a limited time, Colorado Medicaid members will get $10 when they enroll in the Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW and ask for the incentive. Coaching and nicotine patches or gum are still free and available to any tobacco user trying to quit.

State takes action after finding elevated benzene in Greeley

The state’s air monitoring mobile lab measured a benzene level that is above the health-based screening guideline for short-term health impacts. The state health department does not believe people were harmed by this single elevated measurement but is taking swift action to investigate the cause of the elevated level and conduct additional monitoring. The state has been conducting targeted air monitoring after releasing the findings of the Human Health Risk Assessment for Oil and Gas Operations in Colorado study in the fall.