Press Release

Get Ahead Colorado campaign texts Coloradans to connect them to free tax support

REMOTE (March 6, 2023): The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  announces that the Get Ahead Colorado statewide awareness campaign will send text messages this week to Coloradans to connect them to free tax support and information about the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. The campaign will deliver two different messages to two priority audiences. The first audience is individuals who are likely eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, including those who earn up to $65,000.

Office of Gun Violence Prevention expands grant funding to reach even more communities

(Denver) Feb. 10, 2023: The Office of Gun Violence Prevention is proud to announce that it is expanding its pilot grant program to increase award amounts to a $50,000 maximum. The announcement comes after nearly 30 organizations have responded to the pilot program in less than a month. 

“We are very pleased to have so many organizations apply for grant funding and that we have an opportunity to significantly expand the grant program to give even more organizations a chance to apply,” said Jonathan McMillan, Director, Office of Gun Violence Prevention.