Press Release

State health department moves forward with rules to make more zero-emission trucks available and save Coloradans money

Air Pollution Control Division expects program to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions that contribute to ozone pollution

REMOTE (December 14, 2022): The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Pollution Control Division is moving to ensure there are even more zero-emission trucks available in Colorado. The division has requested a hearing on a statewide clean truck sales standard and an emissions rule with the Air Quality Control Commission.

State health department requires Prospect Energy to make changes at Krause site

Air Pollution Control Division lifts cease and desist order after overseeing months-long process to safeguard public welfare

REMOTE (November 30, 2022): After requiring Prospect Energy to improve its operations and equipment, the Air Pollution Control Division is terminating the cease and desist order for the company’s Krause site. The division is also requiring Prospect Energy to meet certain conditions and conduct additional monitoring when it resumes operations.

Independent ‘Environmental Justice Action Task Force’ submits final recommendations

REMOTE (Nov. 17, 2022):  After more than a year of extensive community outreach, the 22-member Environmental Justice Action Task Force has submitted its final recommendation to the state legislature. The task force served as an independent entity created by the state legislature to review topics of environmental justice in the state.