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CDPHE to send text messages and emails with flu vaccine reminders to parents and guardians

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It’s not too late to get your annual flu vaccine before gathering this holiday season

Denver (Dec. 8, 2023) — As people gather indoors this holiday season, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment continues to remind everyone that people aged 6 months and older should get their annual flu vaccine. Starting today, CDPHE will send text and email reminders to more than 618,000 Colorado parents and guardians of children 6 - 17 years old whose records in the Colorado Immunization Information System show they may be due for their annual flu vaccine. CDPHE plans to send similar text and email reminders for the seasonal 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine. 


The text messages on Dec. 8 will come from 45778 and read: 


From CDPHE: State public health records show that your child/children between the ages of 6 and 17 years may be due for their annual flu vaccine. Contact a vaccine provider to schedule an appt. For locations near you, visit

STOP=Exclude from future reminders


Emails on Dec. 8 will come from and read:

Dear parent(s) or guardian(s), 

State public health records from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) indicate that your child/children between the ages of 6 and 17 years may be due for their annual flu vaccine. With respiratory viruses like flu, COVID-19, and RSV circulating, vaccination is important for all children who are 6 months and older, especially those who are at high risk of having serious complications if they get sick with the flu. 

As expected at this time of year, influenza hospitalizations are steadily increasing, with approximately 30% of the hospitalizations occurring during the week of Nov. 25. Since Oct. 1, 2023, more than 60 children across Colorado have been hospitalized with flu. During the 2022-2023 flu season, more than 500 children were hospitalized. 


In addition to getting the seasonal flu vaccine, anyone aged 6 months and older may get an updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine. It’s safe to get a flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine at the same appointment. Coloradans can find COVID-19 vaccines and flu vaccines across the state at local public health clinics, primary care offices, and many pharmacies. 

If your child/children have already received their flu vaccine, let us know about it! You can update their record in the Colorado Immunization Information System by completing this secure Google form. We are standing by to update your immunization record in CIIS. 

For additional resources, visit each of the links below:

Frequently Asked Influenza QuestionsFlu FactsLearn more about your right to get a publicly funded vaccine at low or no costLearn more about flu, COVID-19, and RSV 


Medicare, Medicaid, CHP+, and most private health insurers cover the full cost of the flu vaccine. You don’t have to pay anything to health care providers that accept your health plan. If you don’t have health insurance, you can still get the flu vaccine for free or low cost at certain health care providers. Free and low-cost vaccine providers, as well as additional information on flu vaccines, can be found at Protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu by contacting your health care provider, local public health agency, or pharmacy to make a vaccine appointment today.