Evacuation Plan Development Tool Kit

Use to develop a plan to evacuate residents, staff and equipment.

Rating residents' evacuation capabilities (Fatwire link)

(From the National Fire Protection Association, 101A, Guide on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety, 2004 edition)
  • Streaming video. (wmv)
  • Auto-download video. (zip)
  1. Make sure your computer has speakers to hear the video.
  2. Read the National Fire Protection Association instructions for rating residents.
  3. Print the work sheet and make one copy for each resident you',ll be rating.
  4. Watch the video.
  5. Rate your residents and keep copies of the work sheets with your Emergency Operations Plan, and with residents&rsquo, Care Plan information and Facesheets.
  6. Re-evaluate your residents as their conditions change.

Your requirements for rating residents:

  • As part of your Emergency Operations Plan, you must rate resident's evacuation capabilities.
  • Our Life Safety Code surveyors check to see whether your facility has completed a current evacuation work sheet on each resident.
  • Surveyors look for current evacuation work sheets on each resident even if local fire authorities have recommended that your facility not attempt evacuation.
  • If a resident's condition changes, you must promptly update his or her work sheet.