Colorado Community Inclusion and Health Workgroup

The Colorado Community Inclusion and Health in Disasters Workgroup aims to support inclusive emergency preparedness and response through relationships between community leaders and traditional emergency partners. The aim is to build a network and promote problem-solving that improves our ability to care of ALL Coloradans health and well-being during disasters.

Vision Emergency systems for health whose effectiveness is evaluated and improved based on the WHOLE community’s experience during disasters.

Mission That diverse community leaders and emergency partners interested in community inclusion have a state-level forum to address challenges and opportunities to make emergency systems effective and responsive to the health of the WHOLE Colorado community.


February 2019 Workgroup Meeting
Meeting Outcomes:
  • Share resources and collaboration opportunities among new and standing workgroup members, as well as other Access & Functional Needs efforts across Colorado.
  • Design outreach and meeting activities for May Community Inclusion Workgroup Meeting with other AFN and inclusive emergency management groups.
  • Hear from Sadie Martinez, State Access and Functional Needs Coordinator about upcoming regional and state capacity building for AFN in emergencies.


Meeting Resources:


Colorado Community Inclusion and Health Workgroup Meeting Archive