Advance care planning tools for providers

Tools available for providers and interdisciplinary teams on ACP and Goals of Care Conversations

The goal of advance care planning and goals of care conversations is to help ensure that people receive medical care that is consistent with their values, goals, and preferences during serious and chronic illness. Check for advance directives with all your patients. Ensuring these forms are complete will help health care professionals across the state provide the right care and it will aid in eliminating some of the moral distress our frontline providers are experiencing.

Additional Tools for Long Term Care Providers

COVID-19 has brought specific treatment questions into focus.  Even if advance care planning has been completed by residents in the past, it is time to revisit the conversation to address the current pandemic. It is important that organizations implement measures and proactively review advance care planning with all residents, especially those who are over 60 years old and those with comorbid conditions.