New waste tire fee for single location stores


WT-6 form instructions

1. Click on the link to the WT-6 form below.
2. A new page will open with a dropdown and search field.
3. Use the drop down or type in your business name.
4. Select your business and click on the "Fill out your new tire fee return" link.
5. The form will open with your business name and ID prepopulated, and you can fill out the rest of the form.
6. If you have any problems, please call (303) 692-3437 or email cdphe_wastetirefees@state.co.us.


WT-6 form for tire dealers

WT-6 form for single-location stores

  • Ensure payer is authorized to use the account.
  • Must be received by us by the 20th day of each month.
  • Submit a form each month even if you didn't sell any tires and no fee is owed.
If you need to make a back payment, please contact the Waste Tire Fee Analyst:

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