Illegal waste tire cleanup grants

The cornerstone of this program is identification of all illegal waste tire stockpiles in Colorado. We are requesting assistance in identifying these stockpiles.

For local or state governmental agency employees

Complete and submit our online form.
Download and mail a hard copy form.

For non-governmental employees (general public)

This information will be collected and prioritized to determine the order stockpiles will be selected for cleanup.
We are charged with implementing a comprehensive stockpile abatement program including the following components:
  • Identify all illegal waste tire stockpiles in Colorado.
  • Develop information on all illegal waste tire stockpile sites defining size, site characteristics, surrounding population density, surrounding features, topography and other critical data.
  • Prioritize planned stockpile abatement based on objective assessment of public health and environmental impact criteria.
  • Select qualified contractors to conduct stockpile abatement activities.
  • Implement abatement activities as rapidly as possible while controlling impact on constructive utilization of newly generated waste tires.
  • When appropriate, collect compensation from those who knowingly allowed or participated in illegal dumping of waste tires.

Waste tire collection events

For counties or municipalities interested in having a collection event for waste tires.
Note: For-Profit companies are not eligible for this program.
We will contact you about partnering for one of these events. Typical grant awards are available up to $10,000. Note: Submittal of this form does not guarantee funding.

Attention waste tire haulers and cleanup contractors

For illegal waste tire cleanups and collection events that are estimated to cost more than $50,000, the projects will be solicited on the Colorado Vendor Self Service website. You must be registered with the Vendor Self Service System to submit a response to the solicitation. For more information regarding Vendor Self Service System, email VSSHelp@state.co.us to reach the help desk.