Chronic disease data and reports

These resources are available to public and private organizations working to reduce the burden of chronic disease in Colorado. Chronic diseases pose the greatest risk to the health and wellness of Coloradans but are the most preventable of all health problems.

 CDPHE Chronic Disease State Plan 2022-2030
The 2022-2030 CDPHE Chronic Disease State Plan builds on Colorado’s existing state plans and outlines CDPHE’s specific role in addressing the chronic disease burden in Colorado through the identification of data, strategic priorities, emerging work to address these priorities, and measurable outcomes to map our progress.
This plan highlights chronic disease data and CDPHE priorities related to:
  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance.
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes.
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living.
  • Oral Health.
  • Cancer.
  • Pulmonary Disease (Asthma-focused).
  • Tobacco.
  • Health Systems Transformation.
 VISION (Visual Information System for Identifying Opportunities and Needs)
VISION provides data for chronic disease and behavioral health measures in Colorado. The purpose of this tool is to provide data and visualizations for assessments and data-driven public health planning and program work. Data are updated as the data source allows to provide the most recent information for Colorado health measures.
Data sources and indicators
Data resources for chronic diseases and social determinants of health
Facts for Action: Chronic Diseases and Related Risk Factors in Colorado
National reports with Colorado-specific data
Maternal and Child Health issue briefs and other reports
Oral Health Data
CDPHE Health Watch publications
Older resources

​CDPHE Health Watch publications:

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