Medical Marijuana Registry provider requirements

Physician qualifications
Your physician must meet the following requirements to recommend medical marijuana:
  • Physician must be in good standing and licensed to practice in Colorado. Contact Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for information about physician licenses
  • Physician must be an MD or a DO
  • Physician is registered to submit certifications online
Physician certifications
During your appointment, ask your doctor to verify that all information on your physician certification is correct. Physicians can make updates to information on physician certifications at any time.
Minor patients
  • All minor patients must see two physicians and submit two physician certifications.
  • Minor patients diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder no longer need to provide a physician certification from a physician who is a board-certified pediatrician, child and adolescent psychiatrist, or family physician who attests to being part of the patient’s primary care team.
  • If the minor patient has a qualifying disabling medical condition, which includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders, and any condition for which a physician could prescribe an opioid, and the recommending physician is not the patient’s primary care physician, the physician should review the records of a diagnosing physician or a licensed mental health provider acting within his or her scope of practice. For more information please refer to C.R.S. 25-1.5-106 and House Bill 19-1028.

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