Medical Marijuana Registration tips


Available languages: Español


For all applicants

  • Gather all required documents before applying

    • Review this list to be sure you have everything you need before you begin the application process.

    • Be sure you have a PDF or JPEG copy of your valid Colorado ID or driver’s license. Invalid ID’s, expired ID’s and un-certified documents will not be accepted. We do not accept Colorado digital IDs from the MyColorado app.

  • Choose a username and password that are easy to remember

  • If your account is locked you can use the reset password feature to create a new password and unlock your account. After 3 incorrect password attempts your account will be locked

  • During your appointment, ask your medical provider to verify that all information on your provider certification is correct. Providers can make updates to information on physician certifications at any time.

  • Double-check that all the information on your application is correct before clicking "submit." You can correct your information until you add your physician certification.



Applying with a caregiver

To ensure your application is approved and your card is issued with a caregiver:

  • Apply online.
  • Talk with your caregiver.
  • Follow the application instructions to ensure you submit all required information.
  • Share your patient registration ID number with your caregiver.
  • Make sure your caregiver accepts your online request for caregiver services.

Cards will be issued without a caregiver if information is missing or caregivers delay accepting the agreement. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

You can print a new card online with your caregiver’s name on it after your caregiver accepts the agreement.


Applying on behalf of a minor or another person as a legal representative

  • Create the online account under the primary parent or legal representative's name

    • The email and username on the applicant's online account should be created under the primary parent or legal representative's name.

  • Have the primary parent or legal representative sign their name on the application. Minors are not able to sign their applications.

  • Upload a copy of the notarized minor consent form

    • Only parents of minors complete this form.

    • If the secondary parent lives in Colorado, make sure he or she signs this form as well. If the secondary parent or legal representative does not live in Colorado they do not need to sign the consent form. 

    • Download the minor consent form

  • Make sure that all of your documents, including birth certificates and court orders establishing custody, are certified copies

  • Before you upload the minor’s birth certificate make sure:

    • The birth certificate is certified

    • All four corners of the document are visible

    • All information can be easily read

    • Note: If you are unsure if your document is certified, contact the issuing state’s vital records office

  • Before you upload a certified court order proving custody, such as a parenting plan make sure:

    • Your court order is certified

    • You have included all pages of the court order

    • All four corners each page are visible

    • All information can be easily read

    • Note: If you are unsure if your document is certified, contact the court directly.