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Law enforcement - Medical Marijuana Registry


Card formats

We have made a few adjustments to our cards after receiving customer feedback. 


Patient card format

  • May 5, 2021 - patient, caregiver, and parent's first and last names will now be listed on two lines. 
  • Jan. 4, 2021 - the color was adjusted to show better when printed. 
  • Dec.1, 2020 - the card and approval letter are on one page, applicants under 18 can have multiple parents listed on the card, and the logo was updated. 

Cards generated in each format will still be valid as long as the card is not expired. 

Sample patient cards


Caregiver card format

Caregiver cards generated after May 5 will have the following changes:

  • Caregiver’s first and last name on two lines in order to better accommodate long names.
  • All text will be the same size. 

Cards generated in each format will still be valid as long as the card is not expired. 

Sample caregiver card


What information can the Medical Marijuana Registry verify?

Pursuant to Colorado Constitution Article XVIII Section 14:

  • The Registry can only verify whether or not a patient is lawfully in possession of a registry identification card. The Registry cannot verify plant counts or physician certifications.

  • Law enforcement must have stopped or arrested an individual before they can request that the Registry verify the information.

  • Information can only be shared with authorized employees of state or local law enforcement.

To learn more please review Colorado Constitution Article XVIII Section 14.


Use the Query Medical Marijuana Patient (QMMP) function in the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC) system to verify patient card status.

You can also use the buttons below to check voided, denied, and revoked cards or denied mail applications. 


Check voided, denied, and revoked card numbers   Check denied mail applications

Notice of conviction

State or local law enforcement shall immediately notify the Medical Marijuana Registry when a person in possession of a medical marijuana card has been convicted of violating the Colorado Constitution or statutes,or has plead guilty to such offense. Notices must come in the form of:

  • A notice of conviction, court finding or final disposition related to a court conviction.

  • A law enforcement summons or citation with a signed admission of guilt in lieu of a court appearance.

To send a Notice of Conviction to the Registry save the court finding or final disposition to your device, complete this form, attach the document and click "submit. You may also email these documents using the subject line “Notice of Conviction.”



Training for law enforcement

Contact Colorado Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) for information about current marijuana-related curriculum and courses, printable handouts, the POST Training Calendar, and Legal Updates.

Learn more about POST

Marijuana enforcement

For questions related to marijuana enforcement and MED regulations (such as METRC, point of sale, licensed center requirements, plant count and grow regulations), please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division

Learn more about MED