Medical Marijuana center information

Card format

  •  The letter and the card is now on one page because responses from our customer satisfaction survey showed that patients would prefer this.
  • There is room on the card for more than one parent or legal representative of patients under 18 to be listed on the card in compliance with House Bill 19-1031. 
  • The logo is updated. 

After Dec. 1 when patients login to their accounts and generate their card it will appear in the new format. Cards printed in the previous format will still be valid as long as the card is not expired. 

View sample cards

We are working on adjusting the card to better accommodate long names.

We received some feedback that the colors on the new card format can be hard to see when printed. To resolve this, we darkened the font colors and size to make it easier to read when printed. Cards generated after Jan. 4, 2021 will have darker font colors. Previous versions of the card will be accepted.  


For information about the licensing and regulation of Marijuana Centers, please contact the Department of Revenue's Marijuana Enforcement Division